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Billing Policy: The undersigned hereby authorizes Systems Engineering, Inc. (SEI) to debit the listed credit card monthly and/or annually (if applicable) for payment of fees to SEI for the services indicated herein. SEI will debit monthly hosting fees on the first day of the month, in advance, as payment for that month. The charges will be debited thereafter every month/year unless either party notifies the other party, in writing, no less than thirty (30) days prior, of intent to cancel services outlined herein after 1st year. SEI will also, if applicable, debit the registration/renewal fee charges on the first day of the annual anniversary month in advance as payment for that year.

Cancellation Policy: The undersigned hereby agrees to notify SEI in writing, no less than thirty (30) days prior, of intent to cancel services outlined herein. If services are cancelled within the 1st year of this agreement the undersigned agrees to pay a $250 early cancellation fee.

The undersigned further accepts responsibility for any applicable Federal, State, or local taxes resulting from this and all future transactions. SEI also requires all other one-time fees and first annual registration fees to be paid at time of this order. Refunds will not be given for any fees outlined here. It is the sole responsibility of the signed customer of Systems Engineering, Inc. (SEI) to assure that the URL being used/requested is in compliance with all federal, state, local, and franchises rules, regulations and/or laws. The undersigned individual agrees to waive any and all liability of SEI resulting from registration and/or misuse of legally protected URLs, images, and/or website content.

Prices and product availability are subject to change without notice. SEI reserves the right to charge for customer support to third-party vendors and web designers employed by customers. Virtual Office Website (VOW) services and data display are subject to initial and ongoing approval by the providing MLS. Listing Syndication services subject to initial and ongoing approval and participation by the providing Office and/or MLS. **Start Up fee includes first.


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