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Frequently asked Questions

Can I put listings on the website that don't belong to me? 

We provide 'real-time' IDX listing data to your NAVICA Website.  IDX means that anyone can search the whole MLS and you may place your company name and personal contact information beside each listing.  The listing office must be placed somewhere in the listing display in a font no smaller than the average font size.  In many cases this is placed towards the bottom of the listing display. 

Can I add my listings that are currently not in the MLS or Rental Properties?

We also provide the ability to modify and add unlimited custom pages to your website.  Our Admin tools allow you to check prospects, view hits and make changes to your site.  We provide NAVICA customer support in case assistance or help is needed with your website Admin Tools.  Adding pages is as easy as using a word processor.  If your intention is to add Rental Properties we'd be happy to create a template that would allow you to easily manage and update a limited number of properties.

How will my web site be found using Google and other search engines?

We optimize your website for search engines (SEO, or Search engine optimization) using key phrases and words that you would like to be associated with.  One example might be, "XYZABC, XX Homes for sale".  The SEO does not guarantee placement on search engines but could put you ahead of others that don't optimize their site.  Search engine placement is a work in progress, we'll continue to work with you for the lifetime of your website.    

What is the custom IDX link and is that something I would need?

You would only need the custom link if you had your website with someone else.  We already incorporate that link into every NAVICA Website. 

What do the Premium websites and Premium IDX links give me?

The premium site adds Virtual Office Website Capability and Listing syndication Re-Direct to your website.  Simply put, VOW allows users to create an advanced account on your website to access much more listing information than previously disclosed.  This allows you to capture a valid lead with creditable contact information. 

Syndication re-direct could allow users from,, and many others to direct back to your personal or office website when viewing one of your listings.  If your entire Board or Association does not participate in Listing Syndication your broker would need to sign up his or her office for syndication to work.  Syndication will send all office listings to,, and many others.   

How long will it take to build a website?

We offer two unique ways to get your website designed:  

Advanced Jumpstart Setup (Normal setup pricing applies)

Let us guide you through the online jumpstart process. We'll email you unique login information to access the online jumpstart portal. This will allow us to collect unique photos, colors choices, layout, logos, agent bios, page text and more. This process allows us to add your information to a modified template in order to design a website that's unique to you! After we receive your initial information from our online Jumpstart process it generally takes our setup team 1-2 business weeks to design mockup of your new website.  From there you may work directly with our design team to tweak this site for your specific needs.

Quick Setup ($99 Setup Applies)

Simply pick your template from the options below and we will do the rest.  
If needed you may email us your company logo, and contact information directly to our design team. 


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